Anxiety and how it can affect your work

Image with a laptop, notebook, pair of glasses, a cup of coffee and a pencil with the title, "managing anxiety and its effects on your work performance' over the image.

Anxiety affecting your work? let’s’ talk about it! I used to think I was a master procrastinator or a stereotypical Virgo that “worries a lot”. Until I was diagnosed with GED (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Starting a new job, I quickly realized how my anxiety was affecting my performance and productivity. Even while writing this, I’ve …

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How to Create a Brand for Your Wellness Business.

Anxiety and how it cold affect your professional performance.

How to develop your personal wellness brand 5 tips to get you started! Are you a wellness practitioner working in the mental health field? A yoga instructor? Maybe a spiritual health coach? Are you interested in starting and growing a brand that helps people feel better, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally? If you answered yes, …

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