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Want to elevate your brand, give it a unique and memorable look/feel and shine the brightest light on your business?

we build meaningful brands

We help you translate your unique gifts, ideas and vision into a meaningful and memorable brand.

We help you get clear on the core so that we can create a unique brand that not only stands out against the crowd, but truly reflects your business’ identity.

We will co-create with you to help you gain clarity on your goals, vision and mission. Then, we will work with you to give your brand a personality, and then we will create the visuals that present that identity in its brightest light.

we work closely with you to turn your vision for your brand into reality.

After you’ve gotten in touch with us, we’ll send you a worksheet with some questions on it to help us figure out what makes you (and your brand) tick. Once you’ve had a bit of a think, our team will take a look at what you’ve shared with us and start strategizing where we’re heading.

Outcomes: We begin to understand what’s important to you and who your branding should be attracting. 

Once we’ve got an idea of what you’re looking for, you’ll jump on a call with all of us so we can get collaborating. We’ll explore your answers to the first step together and share our ideas with you. We’ll take a look at any Pinterest boards you may have compiled. You’ll get to ask us any questions you have and share any extra elements you’d like us to explore.

Outcomes: You’ll get to know our team so you can be sure your business is in great hands. We’ll also start a dialogue so we can build something beautiful together. 

Now that we’re on the same page, we’ll create a few brand identity concepts to show you. You can choose your favorite color palettes, logos, and fonts. Mix and match elements you like and tweak the details until you’re confident in a style that reflects you to the last letter.

Outcomes: You’ve just decided on a visual identity that will be consistently reflecting what matters to you. 

You’ve got your concept sorted, now what? We’ll take the style you love and create a brand bible, brand board, color palette, main logo design, alternative logos, and submarks. We’ll hand these over with any changes you request after feedback. You’re now ready to launch your brand (and message) into the world.

Outcomes: You’ve got all the building blocks you need to launch a gorgeous, consistent brand that’s truly authentic to your message. You’ve also peace of mind in knowing precisely where you’re at, so it’s easier envision where your brand is going! 

We love giving a little extra to create something special. If you choose the premium version of this package, we’ll get you started using your toolkit. This means we’ll create business card designs, social media profile photos, custom post and story templates, Reels cover templates, and custom website icons!

Outcomes: A set of post and story templates using your brand new branding that will make it easy for you to shine on socials! We’ll also throw in some elements to refresh your profiles, Reels tab, website and real-life networking capabilities. Who doesn’t want a head start?

only the essentials

Turnaround time: 1 – 2 weeks

  • Strategy consultation
  • Brand bible
  • Brand board
  • Color palette
  • Main logo design
  • Alternative logos
  • Submark
  • All logos in alternative colors, black and white
investment: $1,750

the full brand identity package

Turnaround time: 2 – 3 weeks

  • Strategy consultation
  • Brand bible
  • Brand board
  • Color palette
  • Main logo design
  • Alternative logos
  • Submark All logos in alternative colors, black and white
  • Business card design
  • Social media profile photos
  • 5x custom IG/Facebook post templates
  • 3x IG/FB story templates
  • 2x IG reels cover templates
  • 5x custom icons for website or IG highlights
investment: $2,500

want to shine the light
on your brand?

We work only with brands that we align with and are confident we can add value to. Our promise is that if we do work together, we will become your true partners and cheerleaders. We carefully review every application and schedule a discovery call to ensure a good fit for both parties. Fill out the form to apply!

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