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Brand identity

Brainwaves Transformational Therapies is a coaching and consulting company bridging the gap between the heart and the mind. 

the brand design process

We worked with Brainwaves’ founder, Ginny Ellsworth, on two other brand identities: her Mindful Kids App, and her personal brand. Ginny wanted Brainwaves and her personal brand to match and tie in closely together, so we tried to bring in similar feelings and elements into this brand. We decided to use the same fonts, but in reverse, along with the same colors. This way, we were able to create two brands with similar looks + feel. 

Brainwaves differentiates itself from other coaching and therapeutic approaches by addressing both the mind and the heart in order to create quick and lasting change that helps individuals uncover their full potential. After exploring ways to visualize Brainwaves’ unique approach, we decided to combine a heart and a brain into a heart shape.

Ginny also explains that the name brainwaves came from both the scientific waves and the ocean waves. Ocean waves are symbolic to the brand, so we incorporated subtle waves into the “waves” text – by adding little waves at the end of the s. 

therapy brand identity for Brainwaves

Brainwaves by Ginny Ellsworth
A brand board showcasing a blue color palette with the brand fonts. The board also shows different logo variations in a circle.

brainwaves brand logo variations

Every brand needs different variations. We designed a few variations for Brainwaves, including the social media profile photo and app icon variations. 

Brainwaves by Ginny Ellsworth
Brainwaves by Ginny Ellsworth
Brainwaves by Ginny Ellsworth
A series of different color cards that have different logo variations on it. The cards read 'Brainwaves, Transformational Therapies." The 's' of waves has a nice wave at the end of it, creating a nice effect!
Brainwaves by Ginny Ellsworth

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