awaken with ania.

Services used:
Brand identity, website design. 

Business Description:
Ania Chee is a yoga and spiritualism practitioner who offers spiritual coaching, movement and meditation programs, retreats, and individual and group consultations. Her virtual and in-person sessions allow her customers to help push past limiting beliefs, heal their anxieties and step forward into empowerment and loving themselves.

As her business began to grow, she sought out Dawning Digital to illuminate her services to the world, telling us that she would like to “teach people all over the world and help them in spiritual transformation and awakening.”

how we shone light on awaken with ania.

Dawning Digital shaped Ania’s already-established practices and philosophies into a memorable and marketable brand. When we initially started working together, we asked her a series of detailed brand discovery questions to help her elaborate on the purpose behind what she had chosen to do. Then, we sat with her and began to work through the aesthetic references that she found pleasing and discussed which elements we would take inspiration from when creating her brand identity. 

Now equipped with a solid idea of what Ania had in mind, our team created logos, color palettes, and font pairings for her brand. After some tweaks and adjustments, Awaken with Ania had a brand identity! 

We then moved on to tackle her website. The layout we chose had a strong focus on personal branding and messaging that translated through direct quotes and images of Ania, the central aspect of the brand. We also integrated mailing list functionality so that the deeply personal, one on one nature of Ania’s work could translate through direct digital communication. 

some logo variations.

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