New and unique business ideas for 2022

Backed by actual trends

Every year, one of the most widely used search engines and social media platforms compiles data based on over 450 million people to create predictions for the year ahead. Pinterest has a unique perspective on human behavior because it tracks data on behavior, engagement, and searches. Its users use the platform to plan for the future, so if any platform has the data to predict future trends, its Pinterest. The platform boasts historically over an 80% success rate, meaning 8/10 of their yearly predictions have come true, year over year. This is largely due to the platform’s focus on tracking not just what people are searching for, but also how they’re behaving. This data-driven approach is why we trust their predictions for 2022.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and managers can gain a huge advantage by acting quickly, moving on trends and adjusting based on consumer demand. If we’ve piqued your interest, read on while we dissect Pinterest’s predictions and discuss strategic approaches and new business ideas!

Below are some of the top trends Pinterest predicts will take over in 2022:

Business idea: Turning hobbies into businesses

Pinterest predicts that in 2022, people will be building businesses out of their hobbies. The platform explains that in 2021, most people were dabbling in the idea of entrepreneurship, while this year they have specific visions, which are based on their passions! 

Check out the increase in search volume:

Art business ideas+75% | Party rental business ideas +95% | Mobile business ideas +100% | Eyelash business ideas +60% | Becoming an estate agent +135%


Ask yourself, what does it mean for you or your business if people are jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, either by stating side hustles or leaving their day jobs and going all in with their idea? What does this mean about their change in behavior, finances, home and challenges?

Business ideas: find ways to serve people as they begin their entrepreneurship journey! What services might a new party rental business need? What do new entrepreneurs struggle with? Could you create a creative space or flexible work office for this new wave of business overs? 

If you’re a coach, you might consider speaking to the motivations, desires and struggles that come along with entrepreneurship. You may even create a product, service or program that can help them along this journey.

If you’re an accountant or in the financial world, you may want to create content that people are searching for or service packages for them. Pinterest suggests: “Provide them with budgeting tips, accounting software and investment products to help them to open for business.”

If you’re a digital marketer like us, you might consider creating content based on the keyword searches and trends we saw above. 

Photographers could consider these people’s new content creation needs and either create courses for specific industries or create packages to serve these specific business types that we see trending, like art businesses and eyelash businesses.

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2022 Business idea: less business, more play

Previously, adult play meant something too inappropriate for this blog. Today, it means adults embracing their inner child. Brene Brown would be proud to see these trending searches!

Search trends:

Useful crafts for adults +2x | Indoor swings for adults +3x | Fairy bedroom ideas for adults +9x | Adult pigtails +5x | Lollipop stick crafts for adults DIY +7x

business trends crafting


So many opportunities! Adults want to do things for fun, to embrace their inner child, to find meaning and enjoyment outside of work…

Is a fun coach a thing? Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if that became a thing! As we look within and think about what fun means to us, most of us struggle and have no idea where to begin! If your an expert in having fun, it might be time to turn that passion into profit.

If you’re a crafty person, it might be time to turn THAT hobby into a business and try out content creation and influence. People are searching for crafts that are fun for adults. If you can take action on that trend quickly, we bet you can grow quickly!

Do you sell finished products? It might be worth a try selling the raw materials and creating crafting kits so your clients can make those products at home! Instead of personalizing those jeans or adding that embroidery, send the person the t-shirt and let them embroider it themselves. Fun!

2022 Home trends: creating safe spaces at home

The past two years have caused most of us to spend A LOT more time at home. Now, Pinterest is seeing a trend towards making home a true safe haven. People are searching for ways to create massage rooms at home, spa rooms, libraries, and music-themed rooms – all at home!

This is going to be a huge year for anyone in interior design or decor! And if you have a passion or skill in any of these areas, this could be your year to become a specialized, niche home stylist! 

Check out the search trends:

Rage room +150% | Music themed rooms +2x | Crystal room+8x | Tiny library room +12x | Home massage room +190%

Below, you’ll see the inspo Pinterest provides – workout room, massage room, bedroom inspo, music room and home library!

pinterest predicts 2022 home

Pinterest is also predicting the rise of biphilic designs – people will be creating entire rooms full of plants. Interior gardens, entire plant walls, staircase garden, floral ceiling, biphilic architecture and office design are ALL trending.

Interior decorators, plant store owners, plant parents – you’ve got an opportunity to serve! Create content, create products and/or solutions to capitalize on this trend!

2022 Pet business idea

Along with the home decor trend, we’re seeing the rise of the “barkitecture” trend. People are searching for luxury cat homes, luxury dog homes, pet architecture and luxury dog ROOMS. You heard that right, we’ve moved from luxury dog beds to ENTIRE DOG ROOMS and we are here for it. 


If you’re in the pet design or accessory industry, this is your time to adapt your products to the demand! There’s more money coming your industry’s way, and if you play it right, you can win big!

This could also be an opportunity for existing or emerging interior decorators – carve yourself a spot in the new niche of luxury pet home design.

If you enjoy cooking, or specifically cooking for your furry one, this could be your chance to turn that hobby into a business. We expect an increase in demand for luxury pet accessories to bring along an increased demand for luxury in all areas of pet care, including food and treats!

2022 Trend: mindfulness + spirituality

Pinterest says, “People are being called to a higher consciousness in 2022. Gen Z-ers are looking for ways to raise their vibration, searching for spiritual awakening stages and even aura colours.”

If this is your area of expertise, it’s time to shine! Whether your interests lie in service-based business or product-based business, this trend shows opportunity! One thing for sure, it’s time to embrace your spirituality!

Check out the trending search terms:

How to protect your energy +60% | How to raise your vibration +145% | Spiritual awakening stages +4x | Aura colours +36x | Frequency healing +35%

Below we’re sharing a wonderful example of content that meets those search terms!


We see so many exciting opportunities! We have a few spiritual coaches as clients, so we are so excited to see the world moving in their direction.

If you are in this spiritual space and have your own spiritual practices, it may be your time to share them with the world! People are looking for what you know about!

If you love candles or crystals, this could be a great time to turn your passions into a business! Any products that can help others with their meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practice will be in demand. 

Designers – this might be a crazy idea – but. we expect to see an increase in demand for tarot cards – would anyone consider designing a modern tarot deck? That would be cool!

Are you a spiritual foodie? Explore ways to teach others how to cook or discover healing foods that can boost their energy. Are we going to see the Ayurvedic version of HelloFresh coming soon? Wouldn’t be surprised!

Trends are also showing interest and growth in the tea sector – how about a spiritual tea? Or spiritual practices involving tea?

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2022 Business idea: acknowledging the besties

After all the isolation the world had to go through these pat two years, it’s no wonder Pinterest predicts that people are pulling in to their close relationships and really acknowledging the people in their lives that matter to them. This year, people are acknowledging their chosen family in their search and purchase trends, and it may work in your favor to get ahead of that before it blows up.

When we think “bestie” purchases, we usually think of friendship bracelets or silly trinkets, but this trend extends to shared experiences and permanent purchases, like tarot readings and tattoos.

Check out the trending search terms:

Friendship tarot spread +40% | Friendship video +10x | Goodbye gifts for friends moving +7x | Friendship ring +50% | Friendship tattoos for guys + 4x

We’ve put together a few ways you can market your offerings to the “Bestie Aesthetic” below!


To capitalize on this trend, you need to refocus your marketing from targeting a single consumer to targeting two (or more) people at the same time. This trend is born out of community, so your adjusted offerings need to foster that sense of togetherness and give your audience something to share. Think “attractive through collective.”

If you’re selling physical products, think about ways that you could offer discounts on items that are purchased together. It may be as simple as a “two-for-one,” or a careful pairing of your offerings that go together as matching gifts. You may even want to pair two totally opposite offerings and market them to “opposites attract” friends. 

If you’re a service provider, you may want to create an offering that that allows people to experience what you do together. For example, as a spiritual coach, you might do group tarot readings. As a personal trainer, you could offer a duo training session. If you’re a stylist, artist or aesthetician, offering bestie beauty packages might make the perfect gift!

If you work as an artist or creative, this trend will work really well for you! Tattoo artist could offer specials on BFF tattoos. Illustrators and photographers could create and market matching portraits. Musicians could even compose a song for people looking to highlight their friendships.

What matters when choosing to capitalize on this trend is shifting your focus from converting the individual consumer to converting the group. The more inviting, community-driven and wholesome you you make your marketing, the more this sort of approach will seem earnest and honest.

bestie aesthetic mtching tattoos

2022 Business idea: unique party themes

For similar reasons to the last item on this list, parties are predicted to trend! We’ve all been stuck inside for so long that we’re willing to celebrate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. This means parties aren’t just for birthdays anymore. They’re for everything from adopting a pet, to discovering a new band, to making crafts  to the fact that it’s Friday!

If you have an existing business, your business can take this new-found sense of celebrating the mundane to new heights by just getting really HYPED about stuff and translating that through your marketing and offerings. “Parties” don’t necessarily have to mean confetti and dancing, either. They can also just be shared experiences among friends, happening physically or digitally.

Check out the trending search terms:

 Adoption party theme +30% | Divorce party ideas +30% | Adopt a pet birthday party ideas +85%| Break-up cake +2X | Empty nest photoshoot +40%

If you’re thinking about starting a business and you enjoy party planning, cooking, crafting or creating, you could quickly become a market leader by getting ahead of the trends. The competition for birthday or wedding planning might be steep, but how many adopt a pet birthday planners, divorce party or break up product/service providers do you know?

As you can see by these trends, celebrations in 2022 focus on silver linings and novel experiences, so you can jump on this trend to win big!

party trends pinterest altbash disco ball hand


Even if you’re not traditionally a brand associated with celebration, this alternative party trend is a way to get in on the audience. Think out of the box in terms of the way your offerings could bring people together.

As a venue or space owner start offering specific packages for interesting gatherings. Offer weeknights up for chilled events, like craft parties. Throw an anti-Valentines-day bash, or open up your wedding venue on the off-season for discounted divorce parties. Use your business’s garden for pet adoption brunch celebrations or your studio for group event shoots. Establish and direct new audiences in your marketing into unconventional spaces, and you’ll be almost guaranteed to rank highly in related searches in your area. 

If  you’re a digital creator,  use this trend to create brand new templates and digital products. There are hundreds of wedding invites on Creative Market, but very few divorce party templates, for example. Go wild with your niche creations and get in on the action before everyone else does.

Photographers – in the styled shoots in your portfolio, try to include some unique themes. You may be a wedding photographer, but adding a pet adoption shoot or a fancy dress party event to your site might bring a whole new audience to what you do.

In short, what you really need to do to bring this trend to to life is show that your brand can bring joy to every experience. If you want a little more guidance on how to market this, find our blog on happy marketing here.

Business idea for 2022: celestial celebrations

New search trends indicate that in 2022, millennials will further explore and embrace astrology and the esoteric. This trend also translates to party themes, as we see based on the search terms:

Sunshine baby shower them +110% | Sun-themed birthday party +3x | Star-themed party +140% | Moon party decorations +140% | Moon wedding dress +180%

Check out some of the inspo below:

Business idea for 2022: tea time and tea parties

Pinterest said it best: “In 2022, people will choose darjeeling with a friend over drinks after work. Afternoon tea is more than a meal—it’s a moment, an aesthetic, a pose. Searches for ‘tea party aesthetic’ and ‘drinking tea pose’ are climbing across all age groups. Pinkies up—you’re royal-tea now.”

The search trends speak for themselves:

High tea food ideas +4x | Vintage tea party +70% | Tea party aesthetic +2x | Butterfly pea tea | +70% Drinking tea pose +2x


The rise of tea parties brings opportunities in all areas, including content creation, drinkware, the tea industry, party planning, clothing and styling, food, catering, and more!

If you’re a photographer, you could consider marketing yourself as a tea party photographer. Gather together with local vendors to collaborate on a styled shoot to show off all your expertise. 

Are you an event planner, or have you always wanted to be one? Get ahead of this trend and consider marketing your tea party planning services!

Passionate about tea? It’s time to share your knowledge with the world! People will be researching for inspiration, food pairing tips, styling, combinations, tea types and more. 

Food bloggers may consider creating content to serve the new interest in topics such as “sandwich fillings” in order to attract this new audience. 

Are you into making your own ceramics? People are searching for “unique tea cups” and this could be your opportunity to serve them!

If you’re a digital designer or stationary brand (or if you have always wanted to be one) you could create invitation designs or templates for tea parties!

If you’re a food or retail brand, Pinterest suggests: “offer up ideas for finger sandwich recipes and tea tasting menus. And retail brands can showcase modern kettles or traditional tea towels for an elegant cuppa-time aesthetic.”

Find our vintage aesthetic resources and templates here.

We hope these tips helped you find new ideas and opportunities for 2022! 

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