personal brand identity for
ginny ellsworth

Brand identity, Website Design

Ginny Ellsworth is a speaker, author, coach, and hypnotherapist who harnesses the power of storytelling to spread her message and help her clients create their dream life. 

the brand design process

We Ginny Ellsworth, on two other brand identities: her Mindful Kids App, and her Brainwaves Transformational Therapies brand. Ginny wanted Brainwaves and her personal brand to match and tie in closely together, so we tried to bring in similar feelings and elements into both brands.

Ginny wanted her brand and website to spark a feeling of hope. to bring that feeling, we used blues to signify calm and trust, and used yellow to evoke a feeling of hope and happiness.

To Ginny, nothing says hope more than a sunrise over the mountains or ocean, so we created a gradient effect on her website and introduced beachy and ocean elements into her brand.

personal brand identity for ginny ellsworth

personal brand brand logo variations

Every brand needs different variations. We designed a few variations for for Ginny, including her website, Instagram and stamp icons.

brand icons for ginny ellsworth

We designed custom illustrated brand icons for Mindful Kids. These are used on the brand’s social media posts, inside the app, and as Instagram highlights. 

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