serious family farms.

Services used:
Brand identity, Logo Design, Package design. 

Business Description:
Serious Family Farms is a farm in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa, that approached Dawning Digital to establish a brand identity to set their products apart from their competition. The farm produces pecan nuts, figs, and tomatoes. Each of these crops needed its own package design for immediate legibility and ease of identification, as well as having a “pop” on the shelf. The farm owners also hadn’t come up with a name or defined brand, so we used our consultation services to guide them in the direction of creating a brand identity that aligns with what they believe in. 

“The best thing about this brand was their focus on ethical business and their variety of produce.

how we shone light on serious family farms.

As a smaller branding project than those we usually take on, Serious Family Farms was more an exercise in guided consulting and unique circumstances than creating a large-scale digital brand identity. Our services were much more invaluable in helping the owners of this business recognize the importance of memorable brand identity and define the direction they wanted to go in. 

Our specific challenge came in the form of figuring out how to create distinctive but still cohesive packaging for each offering the farm sells. To stand out on a shelf, product labels must be unique. However, to be recognizable as part of a trusted brand, these labels must share certain visual elements with the rest of the labels from the source. We kept it consistent by using brand colors in similar tones and keeping the line weight of our graphics and font usage consistent throughout. 

Our main takeaway from working with Serious Family Farms was how we enjoy helping people bring their passion and work to life through branding. To see someone conceive of and build a brand identity they are genuinely proud of with our guidance is why we love what we do. This project – though smaller – was marked in that it’s an example for all of us of why we love doing what we do. 

some logo variations.

some brand extensions.

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