Victorian Hotel

The Victorian Hotel

branding and website development

The Victorian Hotel was looking for a facelift and we were lucky enough to be the surgeons. The historical hotel has an incredible location and an exciting goal to update its branding and interior design to appeal to a younger market. Not only did we get to work on a complete rebrand, but we also got to suggest some interior updates. 

Our approach to this branding project was to keep the historical feel of the brand while adding a modern twist. In addition to multiple logo designs and color palette variations, we suggested a modern new brand voice that catered to the needs of a youthful audience. 

Once we had the branding settled, we used this as inspiration to guide our interior design skills. We used actual images of the hotel and edited in plants and furniture items to shine light on each room. We made the choices easy for our client by adding products from businesses that the client would have access to. Talk about an easy shopping list, right?  

Services: brand identity, logo design, website design

The Brand Identity

Color Palette Variations

Although these color palettes may not have been chosen, we loved them too much to set them aside. We love looking for inspiration from photos of our client’s business and their location. After all, all the best colour palettes come from real life!

Logo Design

If you’re wondering what to expect from one of our branding proposals, look no further. Our incredible designer will compile four different branding concepts with multiple logo variations for you to choose from.