Retro Branding: A 60s Aesthetic

Retro Branding The Hippie Movement: A 60s Aesthetic The swinging 60’s. Bold, exciting, revolutionary. In its rainbow-hued, flower-power aesthetic, the 60s is the birthplace of one of the most enduring counter cultures the world has ever seen – the Hippie Movement. This decade (and subculture) is synonymous with an attitude of youthful, vibrant revolution. The …

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30 Day Reel Challenge

A 30 Day Reel Challenge 30 days of prompts to elevate your instagram reel game Dawning Digital is issuing you a challenge, and it’s time for you to step up to the plate and make it happen!  Introducing the Dawning Digital 30 Day Reel Challenge, in which you, as a content creator, can get to …

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Placid Hotel

Placid Hotel, Zurich content creation Services: Photography & Videography


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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks: It’s Time to Get Connected

You’ve heard about the power of social media, you’re well aware of the impact that traditional marketing methods have, but have you heard about what you can do with email marketing? No? Let’s get into it.   So, What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work? Email marketing isn’t just about sending out random …

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Why Video Content Maximizes Your Marketing Results

With more and more social media platforms adopting and evolving video media, it’s time to embrace the fact that video is the future.   This year, Instagram and Facebook both incorporated hugely popular video sharing features. We have Instagram stories, Instagram live, Instagram TV and of course, Facebook stories. Whether it be short form video …

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