Anxiety and how it can affect your work

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Anxiety affecting your work? let’s’ talk about it! I used to think I was a master procrastinator or a stereotypical Virgo that “worries a lot”. Until I was diagnosed with GED (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Starting a new job, I quickly realized how my anxiety was affecting my performance and productivity. Even while writing this, I’ve …

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Five Ways to Manage Your Time for ADHD Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to stay organized. It’s even harder to stay organized when you have ADD or ADHD or any other type of learning disorder or impairment. Even the most meticulous planners encounter those abysmal days where nothing seems to go right, but there is definitely a way to minimize those types of days. This blog …

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Building a Business with Clarity

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building a business with clarity Starting a new business can be an exciting but intimidating journey. It’s a journey that takes a lot of bravery, time, and effort. Of these three factors , time is undoubtedly going to be the most demanding aspect of your new business. Because you’re spending so much time on this …

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Which Business Structure You Should Choose

the four legal structures you can choose from So you’ve started a business! You’ve had to develop your offerings, brand name, brand identity, operating processes, website, packaging, and customer liaison process, and you haven’t even launched yet! Don’t worry, though. There’s just one more step to completing your brand setup process, but it’s a crucial …

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10 Costs of Starting a Business

the main expenses of being a start-up entrepreneur If you’re reading this blog, you’ve either taken the plunge to start your own business, or you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur. Firstly, congratulations! We know it’s a scary step even to consider, and the fact that you’re here means you’re already braver than most people. Secondly, we’d …

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22 Businesses You Can Start From Home in 2022

22 online business ideas for 2022 work from home careers and side business ideas The past two years saw a massive exodus of the working population from their office spaces and into their homes, pajamas, and Zoom meetings. Now that world is getting (mostly) back to normal; many people are being asked to leave their …

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