Healing With Zen

Healing with Zen BRANDING & WEB DESIGN FOR AN ALTERNATIVE AND HOLISTIC HEALING PRACTICE Having a clear and cohesive brand is an essential step towards effective digital marketing. To ensure that Healing with Zen was equipped with all the tools necessary to conquer the digital world, we redesigned her brand identity and website. We gave …

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Tides Changing Therapy

Tides Changing Therapy BRANDING & WEB DESIGN FOR THERAPIST Services: brand identity, logo design, website design, social media posts & ads

9 Long-Form Content Tips for Blogs in 2020

Write amazing blog posts with this awesome writing checklist and keep your readers from tapping out when they’re halfway through.     It’s 2020, and you’re probably wondering if it’s still worth writing a blog post or if you should resume your blog from when Instagram and Tiktok took over? The short answer is, yes. …

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How to Build a Website From Scratch: A Guide

Creating a website from scratch can be intimidating. Where do you start? How do you code? What is coding? We feel you.   Creating a website can be a tricky feat to conquer but with our help, you will be able to DIY yourself a nifty website.  Having a website of high standard is essential!  …

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SE-Who? Finally, an SEO Tutorial!

When looking up digital marketing strategies, you have most probably come across a term called “SEO’. It’s the kind of term you nod along to, telling yourself that it’s something you have to Google later but never do.   You’d be lying if you say you’ve never been there before.   People, and admittedly, us, …

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Google Analytics Tracking

How to Set Up Google Analytics Tracking  If you’re launching a new website, one of the keys to its success is setting up Google Analytics. “Why?”, You may ask. Google Analytics allows you to see how people are viewing your site, what’s getting them to your site, how they’re interacting with your site, and you …

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What is Pop-Up Advertising?

Pop-up ads – gotta have them or make them stop? As annoying as some may be, pop-up ads serve a vital purpose in gathering customer information and boosting your lead generation! So, let’s take a look and see why you need to start incorporating pop-up ads in your online marketing strategy. What are Pop-up Ads …

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