Free sixties Aesthetic Templates

Bringing the style of the hippie movement to your branding

The sixties are bold, exciting, and revolutionary, and they have an associated aesthetic to match! In its rainbow-hued, flower-power aesthetic, the 60s is the birthplace of one of the most enduring counter cultures the world has ever seen – the Hippie Movement. This decade (and subculture) is synonymous with an attitude of youthful, vibrant revolution. The hippies chose to use radical love to change the world. Why not bring that same energy to your branding?

60's aesthetic templates arranged in a phone including stickers, instagram feed templates and instagram stories templates with a 60s aesthetic

what you can expect

In this 60’s aesthetic freebie package!

As a sneak peek of our upcoming Dawning Digital Decades Package, we’re giving you some groovy, flower-power-inspired branding elements for free! This includes:

✔️ 10 Canva templates for Instagram feed posts

✔️ 5 Canva templates for Instagram story backgrounds

✔️ 8 illustrated PNG stickers 

AND, it’s all FREE!

These are just a few elements of the 100+ swingin’ sixties designs included in our Decades Package. Keep an eye on your emails to find out where you can get the complete set!

Find your access and download links in the email we send you. Now let’s get retro, baby!

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Discover more about what made the 60's so revolutionary

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