Let’s grow your CPG brand

We help consumer brands build engaged communities, while acquiring and retaining customers to achieve profitable growth.

Decrease CPA
- 100
Increase ROAS
+ 0 x
Increase Retention
+ 5 %

Performance marketing agency for consumer brands

We offer an integrated approach to digital marketing that transcends traditional marketing silos to improve your customer journey, reduce CPAs and increase retention.

Your profitability is our priority

We take an efficient, lean, and mean approach to marketing to reduce the fluff and provide you the highest quality service at the best price.

Integrated Digital Presence


Profitable Customer Acquisition





 Cost-Effective Fee Structure

We’re an extension of your team.

At Dawning Digital, we’re a band of imaginative minds fueled by creativity and powered by motivation, and we’re itching to team up with your brand to create something extraordinary. Our dynamic crew is spread out all over the world, but we’re united by a shared passion for a few key things:

Anything with fur and four legs.

Oat milk and coffee.

Bad babes playlists on Spotify.

Shining light on your brand.

Streamlined approach for
high performance

Our unique 6 step process saves you time and ensures every minute goes towards reaching your goals.

Step One

Quarterly Report & Goal Setting

Dive into previous quarter’s achievements and insights.

Step Two

Internal Strategy Development

Our strategists unit to craft a comprehensive plan.

Step Three

Strategy & Plan Review

Dive into previous quarter’s achievements and insights.

Step Four

Content Creation

Our creative team gets to work producing photos, video and copy.

Step Five


We schedule all content, so that big things are set and planned in advance.

Step Six


Here you can expect daily monitoring and regular tweaking for optimization.

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