What is Pop-Up Advertising?

Pop-up ads – gotta have them or make them stop?
As annoying as some may be, pop-up ads serve a vital purpose in gathering customer information and boosting your lead generation! So, let’s take a look and see why you need to start incorporating pop-up ads in your online marketing strategy.

What are Pop-up Ads and Do They Work?

If you’re living in 2018, you would have definitely come across the occasional pop-up ad. For the most part, they come in the form of an extra discount or an offer to include you in the website’s newsletter mailing list.
However, you would have also come across the 100% virus filled pop-up ad too – these are the ones that you should steer clear of in your marketing strategies.
Pop-up ads are a form of online advertising that’s displayed through a graphically designed “pop-up”.
Simple right?
These ads can be utilized for further advertising, offering discounts or engaging with your customer and encouraging newsletter sign-ups. Whichever approach you are taking, make sure that the content is attractive in display and offers!
Now for the big question, do pop-up ads work? Seeing as pop-ups have a higher click-through rate than any other type of ad, we would say yes! You can expect a 2% increase of click-throughs with the help of pop-up ads.
During a case study testing pop-up ads, Disruptive Advertising found the following results after 3 weeks of testing:
Pop-Up Conversion Rate: 9.41%
Number of New Subscribers: 1294
Orders Using Coupon Code: 314
Net Sales Using Coupon Code from Pop-Ups: $16,003.35
(Source: Disruptive Advertising)
So, yes, pop-up ads do work when used correctly!

Online Marketing & Pop-Up Ads

For anyone looking to further their online marketing strategies and optimize conversion rates, pop-up ads are key! Okay, I can hear what you are thinking – “my business isn’t a retail business and we can’t just offer discounts on pop-up ads!”, but there are plenty of ways to integrate this online strategy!
Here are a few pop-up strategies that you can look at incorporating into your online strategy and reap the benefit from:

  • Increase Your Subscriptions: if your customers are looking to connect and engage with your business, pop-up ads are a great way to promote subscriptions to your newsletters and build your email list. Haven’t got a newsletter set up? Our article on Inbound Marketing is a must read! 
  • Offer Your Customers Premium Content: Establish yourself as an industry leader by offering premium content to your customers. You could look at offering some infographics, webinars, downloadable checklists and templates, and eBooks that will assist with your customer’s pain points.  Not only are you increasing your subscriptions and generating new leads with this tactic, but you are also promoting an engaging relationship with your customers. Therefore, pop-up ads will boost your premium content and increase your conversion rates.
  • And Of Course, Promotions and Discounts: This one is pretty simple! Pop-up ads are the fastest way to communicate to your customers that you are offering further discounts or free shipping. Pop-up ads allow you to grow your customer information base by offering up a discount code or promotion in exchange for their email address!

To give you some inspiration and show you the power of pop-up ads, we’ve rounded up just a few of our favorite designs:

spin to win pop up advertising
Source: Promore Public

Dribble pop up advertising
Source: Dribble

what are pop up ads
Source: Pinterest

Campaign Monitor Pop Up Ad
Source: Campaign Monitor

How to Make Effective Pop-Up Ads:

Just like anything else in marketing, it is important to create content that is attractive and engaging – pop-up ads are no different! In fact, the more attractive a pop-up ad is, the more likely you will see conversion rates and click-throughs. Just stay within Google’s guidelines!
Don’t be intimated, we’ll get you through it with a few simple tips and tricks:

  • Marketing Copy & Branding: let that personality shine through creating urgency and implementing a call to action. Ensure that your pop-up offering and copy is communicating your brand correctly.
  • Attractive Imagery: now, we’re not saying that you have to design the next Picasso here but we are saying that attention to detail will go a long way. Imagery that is in line with your brand and what your pop-up ad will only attract customers!
  • Add Some Value: when opting for the pop-up strategy, keep in mind that it will have to have the potential to add value to your customers. By offering premium content or a coupon code, you are aiding your customer and providing a sense of exclusivity. Adding some value to your customers’ lives will increase the number of click-throughs and generate more leads.
  • Strategize Your Pop-Up: Positioning and timing of your pop-up ad is key! Look at using triggers to activate the pop-up and make sure that the pop-up doesn’t take up more than 30% of your landing page to stay within Google’s guidelines.

Pop-Up Advertising, Yes or No?

It’s a big yes from us! Pop-up ads are a quick and easy way to build your email subscriptions and generate sales leads. The trick lies in creating attractive content that answers your ideal customers’ wants and needs!