Jason Adamchak

Services used:
Brand identity, website design.

Business Description:
Jason Adamchak is a young, vibrant marketer with skills across the board and a particular interest in the community-building power of the EDM and festival scene. Jason uses his writing, podcasting, and artist management skills to transport audiences into another world while providing exposure, content, and brand awareness for music festivals, venues, and artists. His brand focus on mental health through music and authenticity over empty showmanship makes what he does unique. He got Dawning Digital’s help illuminate this new school of thought in the music industry space and allow his message to help more people.

“The work-life balance in the music industry is a recurring theme, and for my business, I want to change and display that for the world. I want to show that talking about mental health in the music industry needs to be brought to light.” 

how we shone light on Jason Adamchak.

Jason came to us with a specific idea of what he wanted his branding and website to represent:
“I want people to come to my website because they know that I am real and truly trying to make a change and impact in the dance music community. This community has saved my life, and I want to make sure we preserve the values and environment for generations to come. The conversations will get deep sometimes, but I will always be unbiased when I talk about topics, and no topics within the dance music community will be off-limits.”

We learned more about his brand using the carefully selected questions in our brand discovery worksheet. We then met with him to discover the imagery and aesthetics that spoke to him about what he wanted to do. The unique challenge of creating Jason’s branding was finding the balance between a recognizably EDM vibe and a welcoming, safe space that encourages others to share.

some logo variations.

After perfecting logos, color palettes, fonts, and other consistent brand elements, we got to building Jason’s website. Because he offers such a wide array of services, we had to develop a novel way to advertise his offerings. We set a modular “build your own package” approach to his service offerings, which complements his existing service packages. This way, what he offers is accessible to musicians of any success level.

Another exciting challenge presented by Jason’s website was the integration of his podcast into his landing page. Embedding audio elements in a way that retains website functionality and keeps consistent with the aesthetic we’d already decided on was an obstacle we haven’t faced before. Still, it resulted in a genuinely unique home-page layout that showcases multiple elements of what Jason does.

Our website and branding work with Jason was an exercise in combining multiple, seemingly opposing elements into one cohesive brand.

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