briana michel: a case study on facebook lead ads

how strategic social media lead ads could work for your business

When Briana approached the Dawning Digital team, it was with a pretty novel request, and we couldn’t wait to give it a go. Amongst other things, Briana helps companies source willing participants for clinical trials, for which the participants receive cash payments. Briana wanted our help creating a series of ads to attract participants to some of her upcoming studies, which were to be published on social media. We encountered some obstacles along the way, but this is how we pulled off a largely successful campaign! 

Briana asked us to create, set up, and run social media ads for two separate clinical trials, one for iron deficiency research and one studying hormonal sexual health, that generated leads and willing participants. These participants needed to fit specific age, health, and body criteria and live in Tampa Bay, Florida. They also needed to be available over particular dates and willing to share their medical details with professionals. 

We were not legally allowed to emphasize the benefits participants would receive in these ads. This meant no highlighting the potential pay or health benefits but rather making the process itself seem exciting and worthwhile. The Facebook Ads Manager also has strict rules about making benefit claims that aren’t precisely scientifically proven. This is a difficult hurdle when advertising a trial whose purpose is to establish a claim. We had to generate interest and promote an opportunity without overtly highlighting its benefits or making claims about its’ efficiency. This directly affected our campaign concept, design choices, and accompanying copy. 

these were our top performing lead ads.


Our mission: that iron deficiency doesn’t need to be the reason anyone misses out on the fun anymore! ✨

In a few clicks, you can see if you’re a candidate for our iron deficiency study for women. You’ll get payment for participation, free blood work results and lend a helping hand to your sisters!  👋

It’s time to live your life to the fullest – let us help you get there! 🤩


Leads generated:  41
Reach: 7 719
Impressions: 11 391
Cost per lead: $4.39


Do you experience one or more of these symptoms? Are you between 30 and 49? 🙋‍♂️

You may be experiencing hormonal imbalance. We’re here to help, though!

Earn cash, receive free hormonal evaluations, and help us help you reignite your flame by participating in our hormonal health research study! ⚡

If you’re ready to help the world unlock vitality through hormone-balancing antioxidants, check if you fit out criteria below! ✨


Leads generated:  70
Reach: 10 886
Impressions: 15 190
Cost per lead: $2.08

It’s time to ALWAYS rise to the occasion and show up for hormonal and sexual health! ⚡

Get paid and help the world get healthy by signing up to our study and receiving free medical evaluations! 💖

If you’re between the ages of 30 and 49 and you think you fit the bill, visit our website to find out if you qualify to help us level-up love lives and discover anti-aging antioxidants today! 💻

Are you ready to live life to its fullest, starting now? 🤩


Leads generated:  13
Reach: 4 219
Impressions: 5 423
Cost per lead: $6.12

these were the lead ads results.

We’d call the results from these campaigns a resounding success!

Our campaigns reached 34 406 individual people. Amongst those individuals, the campaign managed to generate 68 983 separate impressions, for an ad spend of $1 000. 

Overall, Briana managed to get 200 individual leads for her clinical trials! That means that each lead she generated cost her only $5. 

here's what we learned from creating these ad campaigns.

By creating these ad sets and watching the way they performed, we were able to see which strategies performed best, and which ones didn’t. We saw that the content resembling user-generated content, mainly humorous posts, meme posts, and pleasing list graphics, performed the most favorably in generating impressions and leads.

People don’t come to social media platforms in order to be advertised to, so they’re more likely to respond to ads that don’t immediately look like ads. You can maximize your ad spend by creating ad content that generates organic interactions. For example, take a look at the comment engagement we got on one of our iron deficiency memes here. These are people who want to contribute to the conversation the ad started, which tells Facebook our content is valuable and shows it off to more people. Briana also showed best practices with community management by responding to the comments on her ads. You go Briana! 

If you’re interested in maximizing your ad spend and creating valuable advertising content to advertise with on social media, book a consultation call with Dawning Digital to help you out! We’ll help you with concepts, graphics, captions, ad creation, and campaign management in a way that’s sure to bring you the results you need. We can’t wait to meet you!