8 tricks to boost your Instagram content organically

This one goes out to all of the content creators out there who are loosing hair trying to beat the Instagram algorithm. Believe us when we say, we can relate! Which brings us to the question: “The Instagram algorithm is one of the biggest mysteries on earth… true or false?” We would say a little bit of both. Although sometimes it feels like the IG algorithm is working against you, there are a couple of things that you can do to boost your posts organically. Take a look at these tips to boost your Instagram posts organically: 

This is a big one for us! We believe that adding value is your golden ticket to success on social media. After all, a post that answers questions or solves a problem for your followers does the work for you, right? Right!

Yes, we have said this before and we will keep saying it. According to Sprout Social, across all social media platforms, engagement peaks at 9 hashtags per post. If you aren’t sure how to do hashtag research, take a look at our hashtag research guide here

Tag other brands, people, and your location. Not only will this get you mad creds with the IG algorithm but, it is also a great way to give other brands and people a subtle hint to re-share your post.

After you’ve reshared user-generated content to your Instagram profile, share those posts directly to your website. You can pair each post with the product featured in the image to show off your products in real-world situations. In addition, it will increase user-generated content and conversions. People love to see products from other user’s perspectives instead of directly from the brand.

Despite popular opinion, you don’t always have to pay influencers to collaborate with your brand. We much prefer building a friendly relationship with influencers and getting their HONEST opinion on our client’s products. This is a much more authentic approach to influencer marketing and your followers will notice. 

We know, you’ve heard it all before but, if you keep getting the same advice, maybe it’s because it works? Try doing a giveaway every second month. You can collaborate with other brands or do it all on your own. Either way, it’s a great way to keep your followers on their toes. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a huge prize to gain huge traction. You can giveaway a free t-shirt and still see growth and increased interest.

Do at least 20 minutes of engagement when you share a post. Trust us, you CAN make the time for it.

Not only does it create more interest on your feed but it is also officially Instagram’s preferred content type. Take a look at some helpful video editing tools here.

PS. Don’t forget to have fun!