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Social media management, content creation, community management, advertising, research and development, influencer management.

AriZona Beverages is a drinks brand that The Vultaggio family started in the early 1990s in New York City. Though the brand has remained family-owned and operated since 1993, it has grown from a small independent distributor to an international company with offices and distribution worldwide. The company is most famous for its 23 oz Big Can, which it has sold for 99c for almost 30 years. Synonymous with youth culture, vaporwave aesthetics, social trends, and urban lifestyle, the AriZona Green Tea cherry-blossoms-on-teal pattern is globally recognized. The company does everything from merchandise to beverages, to snacks, to large-scale community outreach to activations. 

And guess who does all their social media? That’s right. Dawning Digital does! 

Since 1992, AriZona’s mission has been to bring our customers great-tasting products, using top-quality ingredients, presented in uniquely designed packaging, skillfully produced and made affordable to everyone.

how we shone light on ariZona.

As our most intensive social media client, AriZona uses the broadest spectrum of our social media services. These include, but are not limited to: 

Content creation. We do this through design, making memes, gathering UGC & creating graphic strategies, and then compiling this content into plans and creating captions.

Community management. Our team replies to all the comments, tweets, mentions, and DMs the AriZona community sends us. We’ve established loyalty and rapport, and the ‘Zonies are fond of the brand like it’s a person! 

Ads management. Not just for AriZona USA but AriZona Europe, we create, monitor, and analyze ad campaigns to drive conversions, engagement, and brand awareness. Our philosophy here is to go for the lowest cost with the highest impact, and we’ve found ways to do it. 

Influencer management. We reach out to and facilitate relationships with the influencers who suit the AriZona brand. We manage to do this without paying a single one! We send them merchandise and get fantastic posts back! 

Research and development. We work with the AriZona team to predict trends, lean into new areas and stay on top of what’s “cool” so the brand stays relevant. 

Profile management. We keep all AriZona’s profiles updated, optimized, and evolving as they take on new campaigns and initiatives. 


We run weekly giveaways and larger-scale giveaways such as the “Masked Up” design competition. These drive engagement, foster customer loyalty and keep the community consistently checking our stories and feed.


Almost all the top-performing content on the AriZona feed consists of memes that we make! We take our audience by surprise by ensuring that we’re constantly aware of what’s trending and being flexible enough to create new content on very short notice. We remain relevant to our younger demographic in ways that brands with more traditional marketing approaches can’t.

regional accounts.

Though the main AriZona account is based in the USA, we also run accounts and advertising for AriZona Europe and AriZona Latin America. With these two accounts, we facilitated the international launch of the brand and continue to grow brand awareness and consumer communities in new markets. 

ads management .

We create, caption and facilitate the launch of cross-platform ads for AriZona. Using up-to-date market trends, we’re responsible for producing ad creative that gets results. One of our recent ad sets saw a 4.5x return on ad spend in the AriZona eCommerce store..

some examples.

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