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Charlie’s is an Amsterdam-based sparkling water company focusing on manufacturing harmless, sustainable sparkling water and pressed fruit drinks that manage to be tasty too! Their brand’s wholesome voice focuses on the joy of experiencing and nurturing what the planet has to offer by educating their audience on making responsible environmental choices and enjoying leisure in an earth-friendly way. Charlie’s fills a pretty serious gap in the market, has pretty lofty goals, but manages to communicate their message in a fun way. One of our favorite aspects of creating digital marketing for Charlie’s is how shareable and saveable we get to make their content. 

“Good for people, better for the planet. Hello, sparkling water and real squeezed organic fruits in endlessly recyclable cans. Close to zero kcal. Nothing else, we promise.”

how we shone light on charlie's organics.

It can be complicated to take a message as necessary as sustainable living and translate it into a brand identity that doesn’t come across as preachy or negative but rather as informative and hopeful. We achieved this in our approach to Charlie’s by focusing on YES rather than NO. 

Rather than scolding potential customers for any behaviors that they may have which negatively influence the environment, such as driving SUVs or buying single-use plastics daily, we provide them with alternatives. We highlight the benefits of biking to work and packing a lunch. This way, the Charlie’s brand voice is nurturing and encouraging and much more likely to represent a positive presence in their audience’s feeds.  


Our marketing strategy

Daily, we handle posting, community management, influencer management, conceptual campaign development, and advertising for the brand.

Monthly, we create detailed content plans, including graphics and captions that we send to the company for approval and subsequently schedule on their social media platforms. Because the brand’s identity is so personable, we find it especially important to engage enthusiastically with the Charlie’s community so our community managers stay busy being interactive and welcoming. 

content creation.

Because we have access to the full range of Charlie’s products, our team has created some refreshing photo and video content for the brand. Putting cans of Charlie’s against the backdrops of parks and the outdoors, we try to show off just how natural the product is. We also tried to create a few cocktail tutorials (which we got to try afterward, of course!) to drive engagement with new Instagram features. We try to ensure that all of our Charlie’s content stays on brand: fresh, fruity, fun, and harmless! 

some examples.

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