charlie's organics beverage social media marketing digital marketing strategy


Services Used:

Content creation, social media management, ads management, research and development, and strategy consulting.

About The Brand:

Charlie’s is an Amsterdam-based sparkling water company focusing on manufacturing harmless, sustainable sparkling water and pressed fruit drinks that manage to be tasty too!

The Numbers:

Charlie’s Sparkling Water has some pretty noble goals, but also aims to communicate their messaging in a fun, accessible way. No preachiness here! One of our favorite aspects of the Charlie’s social media process is just how shareable and saveable we get to make their content. We’re combining a happy voice with serious messaging, and the results speak for themselves.







Content Examples

Daily, we handle posting, community management, influencer management, conceptual campaign development, and advertising for the brand. Monthly, we create detailed content plans, including graphics and captions that we send to the company for approval and subsequently schedule on their social media platforms.

Content Creation

Because we have access to the full range of Charlie’s products, our team has created some refreshing photo and video content for the brand. Putting cans of Charlie’s against the backdrops of parks and the outdoors, we try to show off just how natural the product is.

Ad Examples

We helped make Charlie’s visible by shining a light on their wide range’s in-store availability, driving foot traffic through real doors using digital avenues.

Ad Results: 

Reach: 105,110
Impressions: 115,453
CPM: $0.71

Ad Results: 

Reach: 326,212
Impressions: 664,230
CPM: $0.57

Ad Results: 

Reach: 102,015
Impressions: 137,911
CPM: $0.61

Reel Examples

Just as Charlie’s is passionate about the planet, we’re passionate about creating reels with their refreshing drinks! Well, if we’re being honest, we just look for any excuse to sip on their sparkling water!