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EBOOST is a supplements manufacturer based in the USA with a wide range of naturally caffeinated products to boost energy, focus, and recovery in clean and healthy ways. Easily recognizable due to its simple but vividly colored packaging, the brand turned to Dawning Digital to ensure its social media and digital marketing strategies were as high-performing as the athletes who use the product!

As EBOOST is doing lots of their business via eCommerce and traditional retail, their primary goals were brand awareness and conversions. The brand wanted to implement these goals through ongoing influencer programs, a solid social media presence, and ad campaigns.

EBOOST here for early mornings, late nights, and never-a-dull-moment days, sticking by your side every step of the way.”

how we shone light on eboost.

We initially met with the EBOOST team and went over their already-established brand identity. Once we had a good idea of what they were looking for, we created an initial content proposal to generate content and write captions using their brand specs and ideas. This presentation was met with positive reactions, and the team told us they hadn’t met a designer capable of creating a body of work so in line with their branding on the first try! 

After establishing a style on content that the EBOOST team liked, we began creating Instagram content plans for them, including graphics, reposted user-generated content, and product images. We also established a distinctive voice for them in their caption copy, with a slightly tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach that sets them apart from the more severe cadence of competing supplement brands. 

Our marketing strategy

Daily, we manage their posting across all platforms and batch their content in plans for their approval. We integrate new developments into their strategy and have formulated plans for showing off new distributors, specials, and special events as they occur. 

Like most of our social media clients, we spend a lot of time communicating with EBOOST. Our team meets with theirs every two weeks, and we plan out upcoming promotions and messaging. We function, in some ways, as their in-house marketing department instead of a contracted agency, and we grow and suggest with them. 

content creation.

One of the aspects of our EBOOST strategy that stands apart from our other clients is how successfully the brand uses influencer marketing. We handle influencer sourcing and outreach so that EBOOST may send them products to promote. As a result, the EBOOST community has become significant, tight-knit, and supportive of the brand. 

Some of EBOOST’s product images come from photographers on their side, but lots of their content comes from Dawning Digital. Having managed to pick up some of their physical products, we have captured a wide array of EBOOST-style action shots that we use to populate their social media. Our photographic services come as part of our content creation package!

some examples.

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