Services Used:

A full brand strategy, marketing, and social media.

About The Brand:

LQD is a hard, brewed tea that’s every dream you’ve had of a cocktail in a can. The brand burst onto the radar because of a unique manufacturing process. As opposed to most canned cocktails, the alcoholic content in LQD is produced as part of the flavor creation and not added afterward. The brand focuses on authenticity and realness in the ingredients they choose and their marketing approach.

LQD is a brand under ABInBev.

Our strategy:

Our initial contact with LQD was for social media content creation. We worked with them on a cohesive social strategy that highlighted their brand’s already-defined values and announced a new brand to the world. Due to logistical obstacles, the LQD team had to delay the process, but we managed to create a cohesive set of posts in the time we had.

After a brief hiatus, LQD contacted Dawning Digital with a fantastic opportunity. We were asked to pitch them an entire marketing strategy – from content pillars to activations, outreach, and merchandising. There was, however, one catch. We had to do it all in 48 hours!

The outcome:

With only 48 hours to get a strategy together, our team went into action mode and took a brief outline to a fully realized conceptual brand deck in under two days. This brand deck included brand identity definition, customer profiles, mock-ups, giveaway mechanics, influencer outreach programs, and heaps of content. Though the project did not move forward on their side, our team took a brand from “idea” to “campaign” incredibly quickly. 

Our objectives:

LQD Goal:
Product sales, regional listings, and key insights.

The plan:
Create targeted digital campaigns for quick feedback loops. Measure, test, report, adjust, improve, and repeat.

Marketing adjectives:
Position LQD as a premium, BFY beverage and gain loyal supporters and brand advocates through shared values.

The KPIs:
Sales volume, consumer sentiment, repeat purchase, and engagement. 

Concept One:

Concept one is all about making small changes with a huge impact.
LQD & its consumers connect on their shared values and goals to do the best they can for our planet. Together we strive to do better. While we know that “perfect” is unrealistic, we know that each and every small change we make can help us make our planet a better place.

The values we focused on:
Sustainability, collaboration, environment, quality, and growth.


Concept Two:

Concept two focused on being fearless in your pursuit of becoming who you are.
LQD is something different. We’ve all struggled to fit it inside of a label in some way or another, and there’s a powerful and relatable story there.

The values we focused on:
Diversity, collaboration, equality & inclusion, acceptance, and defying societal roles. 

Content Examples:

We developed a few social media graphic examples for LQD to give them inspiration for their future brand posts. We focused on the REAL flavor of their drinks and added some humorous content about drinking.