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SANTA FÉ is one of the subsidiary brands of our most significant social media client, AriZona Beverages.  SANTA FÉ drinks are delicate, sugar-free sparkling waters flavored with real fruit and have a dreamy, pastel aesthetic. While still maintaining the youthful, fun elements of AriZona, SANTA FÉ’s brand identity is much more feminine and whimsical. The target market is slightly older and health-conscious but equally trendy. Plus, they’re just as into gradients as we are right now, which is a win!

“In a world full of Facetune and Photoshop, SANTA FÉ is serving up 100% natural sparkling water with a splash of real fruit juice.”

how we shone light on SANTA FÉ.

We’ve been working with the team at AriZona Beverages for a few years, so when they asked us to take over content creation and management of the SANTA FÉ account, we were thrilled! The brand is a relatively new addition to the AriZona beverages line. Still, it fits perfectly with the direction we had chosen for AriZona’s main account: adding valuable, shareable content. 

As we were taking over from an already active account, the base brand identity was already established. We needed to refine that brand identity into content themes and create a distinctive voice for the brand. We went for a conversational, slightly cheeky voice, packed with sparkly puns!

Our marketing strategy

Our content for SANTA FÉ focuses on saveability and shareability. The SANTA FÉ account is, undoubtedly, a place where sparkling water is being advertised. It is also a place to find your daily positivity, learn how to keep healthy, laugh at memes, remind yourself to hydrate, and tag friends in relatable content. We also wanted to make sure our branding here was distinct from that of the main AriZona account while still being tonally similar enough that the two seem linked. Much like eyebrows: these brands are sisters, not twins!

additional creations.

One of the most exciting things we got to do with SANTA FÉ was the Haven Pop Up Hotel in Montauk, New York. Though we weren’t physically there (we wish), we created a significant amount of branded content that decked the walls of the SANTA FÉ-themed hotel rooms and invited influencers and paying guests to experience a little bit of beachy, branded magic. Leading up to the pop-up, we advertised the event and reached out to influencers we thought would be a good fit. After the pop-up ended, we curated influencer content into exciting posts, which drove significant traffic to the Instagram account. 

some examples.

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