Social Media Content Clarity

by answering these key questions

Have you been feeling stuck on social media? Struggling to post consistently? Feel like you lost (or never had) that spark of inspiration to share your content with the world? You’re not alone! This week during consultations and conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, I realized that what’s holding a lot of us back is a lack of clarity on:
• values
• vision
• mission
• goals
• identity
• purpose/why
and ultimately, our content themes! We can’t define our content themes before asking ourselves the deeper, more difficult questions. You gotta know where you’re going to give directions, right? So if you’re feeling stuck on social media, I encourage you to ask yourself these deep questions in order to define your content themes. Once you do, I can guarantee it will be SO much easier for you to create content that you feel proud of and create it often!

Read on for resources to help you find clarity!

If we were having a 1-1 conversation with you right now (which we could if you scheduled a free consultation call!) would be specific to you… but we need to make this newsletter helpful to the thousands of others who have subscribed to this newsletter so you may find some questions that just aren’t relevant to you. That being said, consider answering the questions below.

1. What lights you up?
What topics could you go ON AND ON and riff about? What conversations get you excited? What do you feel passionate about?

2. What are you really good at?
Time to brag! If you find this difficult, think about what your friends/family/strangers come to you for advice on.

3. How do you want you (or your brand) to make people feel?
Write down 3-5 feelings here!

4. What skills or knowledge areas make you good at what you do or are a big part of what you do?
These can be skills or knowledge.

5. What advice would you give yourself 3-5 years ago?
This could be the type of advice to share with your community who looks up to you and might even aspire to follow in your footsteps.

6. What are your values?
Don’t worry if you don’t instantly know the answer to this… most people haven’t defined their values. If your business isn’t tied to your identity, define your business’ values.

7. Who is your ideal customer? We are not forcing you to pick a niche here don’t worry lol, but who do you enjoy working with the most? Who do you want to attract? You need to know to create content for them!

8. What are your ideal customer’s biggest struggles and desires?
Knowing this will help you create content that speaks to them, even if it isn’t directly about you or your business! If you struggle to make content about YOU, make it about THEM!

9. What is your vision for you/your business in 3-5-10 years? What are your goals? What is your mission? What drives that mission?
Ok, a lot of questions but they are all related!

10. What are your content themes? Please try your best to use the answers for questions 1-9 to define 5 different topics that you feel inspired to talk about AND take them one step further and think about 3 content examples for each one/