Social Media Holidays 2022: Your Ultimate Calendar

Looking for a year of content ideas? We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of social media holidays you need to know in 2022.

Not every social media holiday is worth celebrating, but if you find the holidays that fit your brand personality, you can increase your organic reach. How? Because of their popularity, incorporating a few of these social media holidays into your social media content calendar can definitely help in terms of boosting brand awareness and can either build a closer relationship with your current audience or connect you with a new one. 

We’ve got lots to cover, so let’s get right into our list. While this isn’t the full list (you’d be amazed how many food-specific holidays are out there), and these dates and hashtags can change each year, it’s a great starting point for brands to jump on what’s trending and find fun and engaging ways to engage with their audience.

You’ll see some days have multiple holidays, such as March 1, which is the First Day of Women’s History Month, National Peanut Butter Day, and St David’s Day. Some days are about serious issues such as World Mental Health Day. Some are just seriously cute like National Pet Day (our personal favorite.) No matter what type of business you’re creating social media content for, you’re sure to find a holiday relevant to your target audience.

Let’s get to it.

January Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 First Day Of International Creativity Month / New Year’s Day (*Ca, *Uk, *Us)
02 Saint Berchtold / Science Fiction Day
04 National Trivia Day
05 National Keto Day 15 National Hat Day
20 Cheese Lovers Day / Feast of Saint Sebastian
21 National Hugging Day / Feast of Saint Meinrad
30 National Croissant Day
31 Backwards Day / Inspire Your Heart with Art Day / Grammy Awards

February Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 First Day Of Black History Month (Us) / National Freedom Day
02 Groundhog Day / Candlemas
03 International Golden Retriever Day / Feast of Saint Blaise
04 World Cancer Day
15 National Flag Of Canada Day
17 Random Acts Of Kindness Day
18 National Drink Wine Day / National Battery Day
20 Love Your Pet Day / World Day of Social Justice

March Social Media Holidays 2022: 

04 National Employee Appreciation Day
06 National Dentist’s Day / Saint Fridolin of Sackingen
07 National Cereal Day / National Be Heard Day / Clean Monday
08 International Women’s Day / National Proofreading Day
18 Awkward Moments Day
19 National Let’s Laugh Day / Feast of Saint Joseph
20 International Day Of Happiness / World Storytelling Day

Feb 20, Love Your Pet Day
Apr 28, Pay It Forward Day

April Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 April Fool’s Day
02 World Autism Awareness Day
07 National Beer Day / No Housework Day / World Health Day
15 Tax Day
16 Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
17 National Haiku Poetry Day
20 National Look-Alike Day

May Social Media Holidays 2022: 

04 Star Wars Day
05 Cinco De Mayo
06 National Nurses Day
08 Victory In Europe Day
09 Europe Day
10 First Day Of Mental Health Awareness Week (UK)
19 Youth and Sports Day
20 National Rescue Dog Day
21 National Memo Day

June Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 First Day Of Pride Month / Global Day of Parents
05 World Environment Day
14 Flag Day / World Blood Donor Day
18 International Picnic Day
24 St. John’s Day / Midsummer Day
27 Sunglasses Day
29 National Camera Day
30 Social Media Day

July Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 Canada Day (*Ca)
04 Independence Day (Us) / Saint Ulrich / Germanstag
05 Bikini Day / Independence Day Observed (*US) 
07 World Chocolate Day
10 National Piña Colada Day
12 Battle of the Boyne
14 Bastille Day
29 National Lipstick Day
30 Islamic new Year / International Friendship Day

August Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 National Girlfriend’s Day
07 Purple Heart Day
08 International Cat Day
12 International Youth Day
15 Assumption Of Mary
16 National Tell A Joke Day
19 World Photo Day / National Aviation Day

September Social Media Holidays 2022: 

04 Eat An Extra Dessert Day
06 Read A Book Day
08 Feast of Our Lady of Victories
11 Patriot Day
22 National Hobbit Day / American Business Women’s Day
26 European Day of Languages / Johnny Appleseed Day
30 International Podcast Day

Sep 06, Read A Book Day
Dec 04, National Cookie Day

October Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 International Coffee Day / First Day Of Black History Month (Uk) 
03 Mean Girls Day / First Day Of Mental Health Awareness Week (Ca) / National Boyfriend’s Day
05 World Teachers’ Day
06 Instagram’s Birthday 
10 World Mental Health Day / Day Against Death Penalty
16 Boss’s Day / World Food Day

November Social Media Holidays 2022: 

02 All Souls’ Day
05 Guy Fawkes Day (Bonfire Night) / National Love your Red Hair Day
06 National Team Manager Day
08 National Cappuccino Day / International Tongue Twister Day / Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
13 World Kindness Day
14 Remembrance Sunday
15 Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day / National Philanthropy Day

December Social Media Holidays 2022: 

01 World AIDS Day
03 International Day of Disabled Persons
04 National Cookie Day
18 Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day / International Migrants Day
21 Crossword Puzzle Day
24 Day Off For Christmas Day (*Us) / Christmas Eve 2
28 Substitute Bank Holiday For Boxing Day (*Uk)
31 Day Off For New Year’s Day (*Us) / New Year’s Eve