The Ultimate Vintage Christmas Photo

We know digital marketing is all about what’s new, what’s hip, and what’s cool. However, we also know there’s nothing quite like holiday season nostalgia. Remember those warm, fuzzy feelings you had around the festive season as a kid? Or the late nights in matching pyjamas waiting for Santa? Why not allow your brand’s content to invoke those happy memories in your audience AND have fun doing it?

If you want to get your team (or loved ones) together to create a fun throwback seasonal greeting, this is what you need to include! Make sure you show us if you follow our guide over at @dawningdigital

1. Obligatory festive decor.
Bonus points if it looks like it’s been in a box in the attic for 15 years.

2. Your furry friend.
Paintings and real-life appearances are equally encouraged.

3. Groovy styling.
Bust out the pomade and ask your dad for his old sunnies. Think “Top Gun” chic.

4. Ludicrous props.
That wedding present you didn’t understand? Show it off.

5. The ugliest sweaters you could conceivably imagine.
The longer it’s been at Goodwill, the better.

6. A fireplace.
If you don’t have one, go domestic. Think breakfast nooks, laundry rooms, and old sofas.

7. A power pose!
This type of humor is only effective if you rock it. Live the festive fantasy!

Bonus tip: Take this same fun energy to your caption! Here’s a list of holiday puns you can incorporate! If you’re short on time, try out these festive Canva templates we made, for FREE!