*mic drop*

Yeah, we did that.

300% Increase in ROAS (yes you read that right!)

It’s tough out there on the digital battleground, but with our targeted traffic and conversion campaigns, we thrust EBOOST into the spotlight on a crowded stage.

$0.09 Cost Per Click

5.5% Click Through Rate

300% Increase ROAS vs Meta

To help this badass brand really POP, we used dynamic keyword and interest targeting to keep EBOOST on trend. And guess what? Our click-through rate skyrocketed to 5.5% – way above Meta’s snooze-worthy 0.9%.

And that’s not all! We used retargeting ads for folks who’ve vibed with us before, featuring  killer user-generated content videos (a Pinterest fave). Not only did this bring the brand more likes – it brought in some serious sales.

Result: 3x increase in ROAS

Building a vibrant communiTEA on IG

To amp up the buzz around AriZona on socials, we rolled out ‘The Zone’ – a hip social media hangout accessed through the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram. Who makes the cut? The cream of the crop, our top 99 fans every month. These loyal ‘Zonies are committed members of the community, leaving comments, tags, shares, and DMs.

Members get the inside scoop and sweet surprises, creating an exclusive club that everyone wants to be a part of. This move pumped up engagement big time. Fans hustled to keep their spot or score a golden ticket, boosting AriZona’s interaction. ‘The Zone’ turned fans into fam, giving AriZona’s social game that extra edge.

175% increase in engagement

32% increase in post comments

Priceless community and loyalty

BOOM! 20,000 new followers in just one month + through-the-roof engagement levels

AriZona Europe had a mission – to tap into the younger crowd – and they called in the big guns for their TikTok debut (aka, us).

1.3M avg video views per month

22,000 follower growth per month

92 avg comments per video

Our TikTok strategy tapped into what AriZona does best: iconic flavours, must-fave merch, and a brand culture that everyone wants to be a part of. The result? We saw a HUGE surge of followers and engagement, with some videos receiving over 2,000 comments! By marrying trending content with AZ’s unique brand vibes, we created a passionate online crew that doesn’t just follow – they engage too.

140,000 followers in 6 months

We broke the mold and turned candy drinks into TikTok stars

CANDY CAN isn’t your average drink, which means we couldn’t go with your average TikTok strategy. We ditched the cliche approach and instead turned each of this brand’s unique flavours into their very own online personalities. By personifying each drink, we made CANDY CAN relatable and engaging, encouraging our online community to interact and turning skeptics into diehard stans.

12,000 follower growth per month

73 avg comments per video

59,000 avg views per video

You KNOW you want in

Itching to know what our gang could do for your brand? We’re SO ready to spill the tea and concoct a winning strategy together.