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Sun Brew is a subsidiary brand of one of our largest clients, the AriZona Beverage Company. The brand manufactures ground coffee and Keurig cups in 3 distinct varieties. It’s a fun, youthful brand more targeted at people in their 20’s and up, but with a similarly humorous, playful voice to AriZona. Sun Brew is fun coffee for fun people, and it doesn’t need to pretend to be anything other than what it is: delicious coffee from a brand you love!

“Yep, AriZona Beverages’ Sun Brew packaged coffee is now a ~thing~, and it may be the pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed.’

how we shone light on sun brew.

We’ve been familiar with the team over at AriZona for years (check the rest of our portfolio to see our work with them), so we already had a collaborative content creation process going with them. 

We spoke to them about their vision for this new brand, researched the coffee industry in particular, and started checking out what competing brands were doing. Once we had an idea of which direction we were going in, we got together and created a large amount of content to figure out the direction the team wanted to go in. 

Our marketing strategy

Once the AriZona team had chosen the options they liked from what we’d created, we went into full content mode and began producing and posting regular Instagram content for Sun Brew.

One of the most successful aspects of our digital marketing for Sun Brew is our focus on shareable content. We’re creating relatable memes, terrific quotes, funny sayings, and quirky tweets that add value to the Sun Brew followers’ days and encourage them to share and save the content. If you didn’t know, that makes your content appear more frequently because it tells the Instagram algorithm your content is valuable! 

content creation.

Paired with our memes and shareable content, we’ve created a selection of engaging video content for Instagram Reels, as we as several giveaways to give back to Sun Brew’s followers. 

Though this brand had the type of head start that many businesses don’t have – in that it’s directly associated with AriZona Beverages – we have made it a brand identity in its own right! We’ve created a follower base invested in our memes, relatable content, and delicious coffee recipes. That audience looks different from the audience following the AriZona Beverages main account and has different buying behaviors. 

some examples.

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