5 Marketing Fails

the 5 worst marketing fails we saw last year & how we would have handled them A successful piece of marketing content can elicit a number of emotions. These range from desire, to trust, to engagement, to loyalty, to urgency of the “I need that thing NOW” kind. Executing successful marketing takes skill, practice, and …

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Why This Meme Went Viral

atlas meme meme blog title featured image

& how to use meme marketing effectively “Viral content isn’t something that you can brainstorm and plan and have months’ worth of meetings over to bring to life. It’s responsive, triggered, and released at a specific time, whether it’s concurrent with real-world events or at the tipping point of a trend going mainstream. ” – …

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Pinterest ads: an ultimate guide

Pinterest Ads

everything you need to know to start killing it with your ad strategy Pinterest is one of the most powerful marketing tools of 2022. What makes it so special? It’s a combination of a social media platform and a search engine that understands its audience well, provides you with very detailed insights, and predicts trends …

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How to Come Up With a Brand Name

a guide to naming your business the smart way. When you read the word “Cher,” what image comes to mind? What about “Kanye?” Or “Adele?” We’re willing to bet most of you are on the same train of thought as we are. Maybe even in the same carriage.  So, what’s in a name? Well, it …

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Social Media Content Pillars

Social Media Content Pillars The secret to creating consistent social media content A lot of people are easily scared off by fancy marketing terms… Somewhere between the sales funnels, brand identities, engagement, and so on, it can start to sound intimidating. The truth is, all of these marketing tools are things that you can and …

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10 Costs of Starting a Business

the main expenses of being a start-up entrepreneur If you’re reading this blog, you’ve either taken the plunge to start your own business, or you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur. Firstly, congratulations! We know it’s a scary step even to consider, and the fact that you’re here means you’re already braver than most people. Secondly, we’d …

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Briana Michel: A Case Study

briana michel: a case study on facebook lead ads how strategic social media lead ads could work for your business When Briana approached the Dawning Digital team, it was with a pretty novel request, and we couldn’t wait to give it a go. Amongst other things, Briana helps companies source willing participants for clinical trials, …

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22 Businesses You Can Start From Home in 2022

22 online business ideas for 2022 work from home careers and side business ideas The past two years saw a massive exodus of the working population from their office spaces and into their homes, pajamas, and Zoom meetings. Now that world is getting (mostly) back to normal; many people are being asked to leave their …

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Social Media Holidays 2022: Your Ultimate Calendar

Social Media Holidays 2022

Looking for a year of content ideas? We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of social media holidays you need to know in 2022. Not every social media holiday is worth celebrating, but if you find the holidays that fit your brand personality, you can increase your organic reach. How? Because of their popularity, incorporating a …

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