The Corporate Psychic.

Services used:
Branding, website design, social media strategy, business coaching.

Business Description:
The Corporate Psychic offers spiritual services that focus on discovering the innate wisdom of the soul and turning that purpose into meaningful work. Her services include tarot readings, akashic record readings, intuitive coaching, spiritual community building and corporate team-building packages.

“When we have an idea, feel the spark of inspiration, hold onto a deep desire or dream – that is spirit. I’m here to make the spirit work real and tangible so that you can pursue and express your most authentic form in all facets of your life and/or business.”

Where it all began.

Marie came to us with an idea, and we turned that idea into a tangible, functioning business. When she approached us, it was with this vision:

“In a dream world, I am being REALLY CLEAR with what I am putting out into the world in my offerings, and with that, people come to me and I don’t necessarily have to be spending a lot of time or energy selling myself to them to get them on board.

I want to do more than just work 1:1 with people. I’d love for that to expand into guest speaking or working at events, and creating content about demystifying the psychic realm.”

how we shone light on
the corporate psychic.

We started with an initial consultation call, in which we used our targeted brand definition questions to discover the WHY behind The Corporate Psychic, and started to formulate the HOW. This included full-team consultation calls, inspiration gathering, and across-the-board collaborative brainstorming with Marie.

After these calls, we created a series of brand identities. This meant logo concepts, color palettes, font choices, and overall aesthetic direction. From here, Marie chose her favorite and we got to work really defining The Corporate Psychic as a memorable and consistent brand identity.

After the brand identity was established, work began on creating a unique, experiential website for TCP. The process was collaborative, with Marie making alterations and changes every step of the way. We built a home for the meaningful brand we created, and offered further coaching on service offerings and presentations on display as The Corporate Psychic continued to develop.

After building her website, Marie realized that her social media marketing strategy could be further developed and enriched by the Dawning Digital team. Using the brand identity we made, we created a series of social media templates, profile images, highlight covers, and stories that Marie could use to advertise The Corporate Psychic across social media platforms.

We also created a customized strategy handbook for her that covered:

  • Explaining the Dawning Digital approach to digital marketing.
  • Showing you how to develop The Corporate Psychic’s voice.
  • Exploring what Social media is and how TCP should show up on it.
  • How to work out ads as well as customized ad audiences and step-by-step guides.
  • A load of tips for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Competitor research.
  • Hashtag research + plan.
  • Defined content themes.
  • Reels/Video ideas and examples.
  • Tips for growing TCP’s engagement and following.
  • Some prompts for long-form captions.

The Corporate Psychic went from an exciting idea to a functioning, money-making brand over the course of a few months. Our brand identity, mystical yet exciting, encapsulated Marie’s “why” and attracted an audience to her that resonates with her work’s core purpose. She can now continue to grow her audience in a way that is authentic to her passions, with all the tools to manage her brand laid out for her.

brand extensions examples.

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