A round-up of the brands we’ve designed this year so far.

So far, we’ve had the honor of working with some incredible brands this year. From pastels to gradients – we’ve had so much fun already and we’re not even halfway through the year! At Dawning Digital, branding and design are one of our favorite service offerings. Being able to bring a client’s vision to life brings us SO much joy.

“People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

Your branding is so much more than a pretty font and a complementary color palette. Have you ever noticed how unique your group of friends is? Yes, some people like the same thing or look kind of similar but everyone is unique! Now think of the group of brands you often buy from. Brands are kind of like people! Each has its own personality, tone of voice, purpose, way they look, and how they like to communicate and make connections. 

When we bring on a new branding client, we don’t jump straight into the visuals but rather into their WHY. This method is inspired by Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ idea. The ‘why’ behind starting your business isn’t about making money, that’s a result. Your why is your purpose, the reason you chose to start your business, and the solution you are providing people with your product or service. By starting with your ‘Why’, you can easily answer the ‘How’ and ‘What.’ The ‘How’ is the process to achieve your ‘Why’, and the ‘What’ is your solution – your product or service.

We help you get clear on the core of your brand, your ‘Why’, so that we can create a unique brand that stands out against the rest and truly reflects your business’ identity. Together, we’ll help you get clear on your goals, vision, and brand personality, and only then will we start creating the visuals. Doesn’t that sound fun? Are you interested in finding your ‘Why’, book a call with us! 

Rockmore Wellness Brand Identity

Sicily Bennett, the founder of Rockmore Wellness, started her business based on her own life experiences. During the first three decades of her life, she experienced imbalances in numerous different areas, from her love life to her overall wellbeing. Together with you, Sicily works to find what’s holding you back and makes a plan to create balance, fulfillment, and purpose in your life.

During our discovery call, Sicily told us she wanted her branding to be clean and classic – nothing too playful. We presented a mood board with 4 different options – each with its own color palette, font style, and logo variation – to narrow down her look and feel. Inspired by blush and powder blue, we took Sicily’s feedback and created a feminine, minimal and nurturing brand. We present, Rockmore Wellness. 

Mindful Kids Brand Identity

Mindful Kids is an app that gives parents the tools and practices needed to help their children practice mindfulness and grow in areas of emotional intelligence. Mindful Kids helps little hearts navigate big feelings. 

After a discovery call with Ginny, Mindful Kids’ founder, we got a better understanding of Ginny’s story and her vision for her brand. We presented her with 4 different colorful concepts that represented her business and its essence. Ginny immediately pointed out her favorite, which is what you see here!

This brand identity is what pastel dreams are made of. It’s colorful, happy, and just welcomes you in.

Ginny Ellsworth Brand Identity

Ginny Ellsworth is a writer, storyteller, and certified Rapid Transformational Therapist. Ginny is here to guide you along a Rapid Transformational Therapy journey toward reaching your full potential and living a more hopeful, unconstrained life. We all have a story to write, Ginny is just here to hand you the pen.

Ginny’s brief to us was simple – she wanted her branding to feel as free as the sea, and evoke feelings of happiness with the colors. The waves added to the end of the y are symbolic of your story unfolding. 

Brainwaves Coaching Brand Identity

Brainwaves Transformational Therapies is a coaching and consulting company bridging the gap between the heart and the mind. We worked with Brainwaves’ founder, Ginny Ellsworth, on two other brand identities: Mindful Kids and her personal brand. Ginny wanted Brainwaves and her personal brand to match and tie in closely together. We decided to use the same fonts, but in reverse, along with the same colors. 

During our discovery call, Ginny explained that her brand name, brainwaves, came from both the scientific waves and waves from the ocean. Ocean waves are symbolic to the brand, so we incorporated subtle waves into the “waves” text – by adding little waves at the end of the s. Cute right?!

Moonset Brand Identity

Moonset is a dream come true. CEO and founder, Montserrat always had a clear vision for her brand. She aimed to build a sustainable jewelry and textile brand that makes unique and custom items accessible. And she did just that!  

After having a consultation call with Montserrat, our team did some brainstorming to discuss how we could add a modern spin to her already established brand elements. Montserrat fell in love with the concept you see today. Isn’t it dreamy?!

Pulling through her arch, colors, and other design elements, we created a beautiful website to match Moonset’s new brand identity! Keep swiping to see.

Sophia Auroré

After a peaceful yet energizing sound healing session, we quickly got to learn all about her and the essence of her business. Sophia uses her expertise in sound and energy healing to help ease emotional or mental stress such as anxiety or depression, and give you a renewed sense of calm through her sessions. 

Sophia’s brief to us was short, she wanted her logo to be grounded but powerful, inspired by stars and planets but also by nature, and lastly to have some shades of green so it can represent growth, balance, and peace. 

Here are a few of the concepts we designed for Sophia. Which concept would you pick? Leave us a comment!