Google Analytics Tracking

How to Set Up Google Analytics Tracking

If you’re launching a new website, one of the keys to its success is setting up Google Analytics.

“Why?”, You may ask.

Google Analytics allows you to see how people are viewing your site, what’s getting them to your site, how they’re interacting with your site, and you can see which pages are getting the most attention. Being able to establish these points will help you focus on your site’s strengths and show you where you can either spend more time developing or putting your efforts into how you get people to your site.
Step 1: Go to and create an account.
Step 2: Go to your admin panel and create a new “Property”
make sure you select the right route – http or https

Step 3: Log in to WordPress Dashboard, go to Add New Plugins page and search for “Google Analytics Dashboard”

That’s the one! Install and activate it.
Step 4: Next you will see Google Analytics at the bottom of your sidebar… Click on “General Settings”
Step 5: Click “Authorize Plugin”
next, you should see this…

Step 6: Click on the link and log in to Google if you need to
Step 7: Copy the loooong code you see
Step 8: Go back to your WP Admin tab and enter the access code and click “Save Access Code”
Step 9: Check the website data that gets filled out
Step 10: If all looks right, click “Save Changes”
All done! From now on, your website analytics will be available within your Google Analytics accounts!