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for Mindful Kids

Brand identity design, brand story, brand book, website design, and social media strategy and templates

Mindful Kids is an app that gives parents the toolkit needed to help their children practice mindfulness and grow in areas of emotional intelligence. Mindful Kids helps little hearts navigate big feelings. 

the brand design process

After a discovery call with Ginny, Mindful Kids’ founder, we got a better understanding of Ginny’s story and her vision for her brand. During the first call, we led her to find an icon that represented her brand: a dandelion! We asked Ginny to visualize her brand… and what came up was a dandelion – spreading mindfulness!

We designed 4 brand identity concepts that represented her brand essence and style. Ginny immediately found her favorite concept, which was an earlier version of what you see here! We continued to develop this concept, the style and colors until we ended up with a concept that Ginny LOVED.

kids app brand identity

Gradient Logo for Mindful Kids
Brand Board for Mindful Kids

children's brand logo variations

Every brand needs different variations. We designed a few variations for Mindful Kids, including the social media profile photo and app icon variations. 

Gradient Mindful Kids Logo
Gradient Mindful Kids Icon
Mindful Kids Logo Wavy

mindful kids brand bible

Next, we designed a brand book that tells Mindful Kids’ story and the values, mission and vision behind the brand.

brand icons for mindful kids

We designed custom illustrated brand icons for Mindful Kids. These are used on the brand’s social media posts, inside the app, and as Instagram highlights. 

Mindful Kids Leaf Icon
Mindful Kids Sun Icon
Mindful Kids Rainbow Icon
Mindful Kids Wave Icon
Mindful Kids Brain Icon
Mindful Kids Flower Icon
Mindful Kids Heart Icon
Mindful Kids Raining Icon
Mindful Kids Moon and Stars Icon

social media templates

Below you will find a few of the custom social media templates we designed to help Mindful Kids translate their brand identity onto social media. These are all easily editable in Canva. 

website design

The final step for Mindful Kids was a website landing page to showcase the app’s benefits and capture leads. 

kids app website design
kids app website

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