mobile pitstop

Website design, copy refreshment.


The Mobile Pitstop is a service in Indianapolis that brings the mechanic to you. Working for individual vehicle owners and enterprises with vehicle fleets, the Mobile Pitstop team visits your location in a van and services your vehicle wherever you feel convenient. Their services also include tire sales, oil changes, battery replacements, and car detailing. The team’s experience in motorsports means they KNOW what peak performance looks like, and they want to show you.

“We treat every car we work on like it’s ours, all the way short of driving it home to our garages.”

how we shone light on mobile pitstop.

When it comes to your brand’s website, it may not be broken, but it’s never a bad idea to keep fixing it up! The Mobile Pitstop was already a successful brand when they contacted us, and they were looking to refresh and expand their online presence. We made over their website with a more modern aesthetic and more engaging copy while still maintaining the elements of their branding that are crucial to customer recognition from the audience they had already established.

Though we often talk about how consistency in branding fosters customer relationships, and therefore loyalty and conversions, your branding is not set in stone. As businesses grow and evolve, it’s essential to let your branding grow and evolve too. Changing up your brand identity every few months will not result in growth, but refreshing what you’ve got every once in a while to stay current is a smart move.

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