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Our numbers speak for us

We know what you’re thinking… We specialize in advertising so, we’re guaranteed to be really good at advertising ourselves. Firstly, you’re right. Secondly, let’s put the advertising stigmas behind us and let the statistics talk for us. 

Over 4500 posts

From conceptualization, to design, to copy, to captions, to strategy, to posting, to community engagement, we’ve nurtured every one of those posts from thought to conversion-driving asset. You give us your brand, we show your content to the world. It’s simple.

393 million impressions

That means 393 MILLION digital views. If “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” then where there are impressions, there’s value. Don’t you think it’s time to get your brand in on that value already?

155k new followers

When someone follows you, they’re willingly giving your brand a slice of their precious time and attention. And we made over 155k people do that of their own accord. I guess you could say we know what we’re doing here.

Get full social media support and say “Hello” to your new marketing team. We love what we do and we’d love to do it for you. Get the full package with social media content plans, community management, monthly ads, and analytics reports. All you need to do is meet with us on a monthly basis for a good chat and a coffee.

What is social media without strategy? Small talk on a big scale… So, if you want to add value and have an impact, let’s talk strategy. We will take a look at your brand, your target audience, and your digital presence and brainstorm a strategy to spotlight your brand. 

Got the brand, the offering, the audience, and the budget… If only you could keep up with social media. Running a brand is busy business but you don’t have to do it alone. We love working hand in hand with brands to spotlight their offerings online. With a team of avid content creators, you can trust us to keep the content rolling. 

Culturally Relevant Content

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As Seen On:

We know you’re not supposed to believe everything you read online. And that’s definitely the case when a YouTube video tells you Abraham Lincoln’s favorite dinosaur was a Pterodactyl. However, you’ll find that all of these outlets share similar thoughts about what we do, and we’d take that to heart if we were you. Just saying. No biases or anything.

Your Team.

We’re a global team of dynamic creatives whose interests include, but are not limited to copious amounts of coffee, anything that walks on four legs and will eat a treat we offer it, dressing up ludicrously for parties, and always getting sh*t done. Not necessarily in that order.

Our international makeup means we bring unique perspectives and combinations of experience to your business, so we can tackle any complex niche you throw at us. Seriously. We can make you laugh out loud at a meme about lawnmower safety. Try us.

Though distinctive people, we share one commonality at our core. It’s how driven we are to get results for YOU! Dawning Digital’s ad specialists, graphic designers, creative strategists, content creators, copywriters, and community managers alike want nothing more than to combine forces with you to shine a spotlight on your unique offerings! We’re as motivated to show you off as you are. Come introduce yourself!

What Makes Us Different.

We are a social media and digital marketing agency here to grow your business, help you get leads and make more sales.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help brand owners build fun and meaningful brands. We approach design with a flair of creativity and lots of personality. We believe that it is possible for you to enjoy selling and for your customer to enjoy buying.

Our Vision.

We believe that we can build a world where marketing brands and their products can be fun. We believe in memes + laughter, and we believe that by educating and entertaining your target audience, you can sell to them and grow your business in a fun and honest manner.

Our Values.

Collaboration. We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s why we take a collaborative approach to our client relationships. Next is fun, because we believe we should all enjoy what we do, how we work together, and how we promote our brands.

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Your Goals.

We work only with brands that we align with and are confident we can add value to. We will become your true partners and cheerleaders.