let’s shine light on
your brand, together.

we are a branding, website design and digital marketing agency here to help you start + grow your business!

let’s shine light on
your brand, together.

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valuable content, unique brand design and effective strategy are the keys to success. we can help you with all the above.

how dawning digital
can help your biz.

We will take your idea from a concept to a head-turning, full-fledged brand that you can’t wait to show the world.

We will become your company’s new marketing team. We’re here to collaborate with you, create with you, strategize with you and grow with you! We’ll even share our lunch with you if you ask really nicely.

Our unique digital marketing strategies make your brand matter. We can show you how to go from ‘another brand’ to cool, memorable, and engaging while establishing the trust needed to sell your product/service.

we're on a mission to make sales + marketing authentic

Our mission is to help brand owners build fun and meaningful brands. We approach design with a flair of creativity and lots of personality in order to create beautiful, unique and meaningful brand personalities, giving their target audience a reason to listen and care. We believe that it is possible for you to enjoy selling and for your customer to enjoy buying.

We believe that we can build a world where marketing brands and their products can be fun for both the brand owner and the consumer. We believe in paving a new approach and doing things differently. We believe in memes + laughter, and we believe that by educating and entertaining your target audience, you can sell to them and grow your business in a fun and honest manner.

Collaboration. We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s why we take a collaborative approach to our client relationships. Next is fun, because we believe we should all enjoy what we do, how we work together, and how we promote our brands. We also believe the consumer should be able to enjoy being sold to.

let’s see if we're a fit.
tell us about you and your goals.

We work only with brands that we align with and are confident we can add value to. Our promise is that if we do work together, we will become your true partners and cheerleaders. 

We carefully review every application  and schedule a discovery call to ensure a good fit for both parties. Fill out the form to apply!