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Our multidisciplinary team work remotely all around the world. We are not only proud of the work we produce but also the team we work with. We drink coffee together, laugh together, brainstorm like absolute badasses and most of all, shine light on your brand. 

Former Digital Nomad, now based in Amsterdam (due, in no small part, to a particularly mischievous Cocker Spaniel called Honey) Sol has over a decade spent in Digital Marketing. With a wealth of international experience, she broke away on her own to build her own business, focused on the idea of meaning-driven, value-creating marketing. Sol looks better in a neck scarf than literally anybody else.

Sol Spier

owner + creative director

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Another entrepreneur on our team, Kimmy is our in-house design wizard - based in sunny Durban. Her sleek, minimal design style says everything with the understated cool you’d expect from a mellow beach babe, and there’s no brief she can’t nail with a trendy flair. Our resident sportsman, Kim’s the most easygoing person you’ll ever meet - until you challenge her to a relay, that is.

Kimberley Tocknell

Brand Designer

Durban, South Africa

The gears behind Sol’s creative steam, Cape Town-based Project Manager Jozi may quite possibly be the world’s most organized person. An absolute titan of lists, solutions, schedules, and getting stuff done, Jozi is any client’s ideal port of call for prompt replies, attention, and absolute adherence to deadlines - all with a sparkling sense of humour. Given her perfect balance of content creation skills and succulent sprouting skills, we’re all still waiting for the day Jozi to starts her @capetownplantmom TikTok.

Josephine Cilliers

Digital Project Manager

Cape Town, South Africa

Dawning Digital’s resident Krakow correspondent, Inga has a history in hospitality - which means there is nobody better at handling a difficult customer and turning your brand’s space into a welcoming one than her. An absolute powerhouse at on-the-ground logistics, Inga can turn the ephemeral nature of digital marketing into IRL pragmatic solutions. She will also fight anyone for the last spring roll. Anyone.

Inga Dziergas

Community + Content Manager

Krakow, Poland

A Pretoria based crafter of sentences with a penchant for humour, analogy, topical relevance and comfortable chairs, she’d like you to call her Murf (everyone on the team does.) Murf can spin a yarn out of almost anything, which usually makes team meetings slightly longer than they ought to be, but makes up for it with serviceable puns and an endless supply of memes. She has far too many tattoos for how much Dungeons & Dragons she plays.

Natalie Murfin

Creative Strategist

Pretoria, South Africa

A New York Native, Mel is our Gen Z translator. With a background in journalism and social consciousness, Mel’s got our trend radar on lock - and can get to the bottom of any new development that may be pertinent to your brand.

Melanie Gulbas

Community + CONTENT Manager

New York, United States