we’re an extension
of your team.

At Dawning Digital, we’re a band of imaginative minds fueled by creativity and powered by motivation, and we’re itching to team up with your brand to create something extraordinary. Our dynamic crew is spread out all over the world, but we’re united by a shared passion for a few key things:

Anything with fur and four legs

Oat milk and coffee

Bad babes playlists on Spotify

Shining light on your brand

sol spier dawning digital

Sol Spier

Founder and CEO

With a wealth of international marketing experience, Sol broke away in 2018 to build her own business, focused on the idea of meaningful marketing. Sol is most passionate about strategy, creating a nurturing work culture and her furbaby, Honey.

jozi cilliers

Business Manager

An absolute titan of lists, solutions, schedules, and getting stuff done, Jozi is any client’s ideal port of call for prompt replies, attention, and absolute adherence to deadlines - all with a sparkling sense of humor and clipboard energy.

inga dziergas

Paid Media Specialist

Inga is a lady on the streets and a freak in the excel sheets. Our resident paid media nerd is always up for a challenge and will never stop striving for a higher ROAS. The Polish stereotype rings true - Inga loves her vodka.

maya molony

Content Creation Specialist

Maya’s blue hair and big smile are guaranteed to lift your spirits in any zoom call and if you're really lucky, furr baby number one, Odin will pop into the screen to say hi.

kim tocknell

Senior Design + Photography Specialist

Kim's style says everything with the understated cool you’d expect from a mellow beach babe, and there’s no brief she can’t nail with a trendy flair. She's the most easygoing person you’ll ever meet - until you challenge her to a relay, that is.

sarah pepworth

Account Manager

Seh has found herself in a company that thinks VERY highly of her extensive TikTok screen time. When she isn't strategizing socials, she is SLIVING as the Gen Z she is.

our values:


Dawning Digital prioritizes mental health alongside physical health, fostering a supportive and compassionate environment for both our team and clients. With a diverse international team, we bring empathy for multiple perspectives to everything we do, ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard, and understood.


Go with the GROW! At Dawning Digital we continuously strive to enhance our work through learning new tricks of the trade. We value personal and professional growth, for ourselves and the brands we serve, and tackle each obstacle with a curious and flexible outlook. We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of every project, exploring every avenue and pushing ourselves to exceed even our own high standards.


At Dawning Digital, honesty is a core value that underpins all of our actions. We prioritize open communication and transparency not only within our team but also with our clients to establish robust relationships. We embrace our fallibility and see our mistakes as chances for personal and professional development.


Since it’s inception, Dawning Digital has valued freedom in all its forms – creative, personal, and professional. Our flexible approach includes offering schedule and location flexibility and encouraging our team to explore their interests outside of their roles. In the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, we believe agility, fluidity, and freedom are crucial for our team to deliver exceptional work to our clients.

let’s work together

what we’re about:

We specialize in branding and digital marketing to help your business thrive. Our goal is to generate leads, increase sales, and help you achieve sustainable growth.

Our mission.

To empower and grow purpose-driven brands by creating culturally resonant content with a compassionate, honest, and agile approach.

Our vision.

To redefine the world of digital marketing by leading a movement towards honest, and purpose-driven social media.


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