how we got

What started as Sol claiming her time and choosing to use her marketing talents in a non-traditional way has led to forming the Dawning Digital team. We’re a group of innovative, motivated creatives who can’t wait to collaborate with your brand.

meet your new marketing team.

Dawning Digital is a remote team based all across the world – but we’re held together by our love for 3 things: coffee, anything with fur and four legs, and shining light on your brand!

Former Digital Nomad, now based in Amsterdam (due, in no small part, to a particularly mischievous Cocker Spaniel called Honey) Sol has over a decade spent in digital marketing. With a wealth of international experience, she broke away in 2018 to build her own business, focused on the idea of meaning-driven, value-creating marketing. Sol looks better in a jumpsuit than literally anybody else.

owner + creative director

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The gears behind Sol’s creative steam, Cape Town-based project manager Jozi could possibly be the world’s most organized person. An absolute titan of lists, solutions, schedules, and getting stuff done, Jozi is any client’s ideal port of call for prompt replies, attention, and absolute adherence to deadlines - all with a sparkling sense of humor. Given her perfect balance of web design mastery and kitchen wizardry, Buzzfeed Food better watch out.


Cape Town, South Africa

Another entrepreneur on our team, Kimmy is our in-house design wizard - based in sunny Durban. Her sleek, minimal design style says everything with the understated cool you’d expect from a mellow beach babe, and there’s no brief she can’t nail with a trendy flair. Our resident sportsman, Kim’s the most easygoing person you’ll ever meet - until you challenge her to a relay, that is. She’s also an undercover meme queen.


Durban, South Africa

A Pretoria-based caption machine who’s got a knack for humor, analogy, topical relevance and comfortable chairs, she’s got a pun for every situation. Murf is all ideas, which usually makes team meetings slightly longer than they ought to be, but she makes up for it with serviceable digital strategies and an endless supply of memes. She is far too pale for how much she hikes.


Pretoria, South Africa

Dawning Digital’s resident Krakow correspondent, Inga has a history in hospitality - which means there is nobody better at handling a challenging customer and turning your brand’s space into a welcoming one than her. An absolute powerhouse at running and managing social ad campaigns, as well as creating stories and Reels, Inga is singlehandedly the best engagement boost your brand could ask for. She will also fight anyone for the last spring roll. Anyone.

Social Media & Ads Manager

Krakow, Poland

As her name suggests, Summer is good vibes personified. Her authentic approach to social media with her brand @radicalchilddesigns means that the way she handles community management is honest, earnest, and easygoing. Your customer correspondence could not be handled by someone more compassionate. She’s also badass at ProCreate and can sketch you anything from golf course maps to cinnamon lattes.


Florida, United States

Say hello to Dawning Digital's newest addition. Chloe is based in the idyllic seaside town, Pringle Bay in the Western Cape. Her deep love for cows scored her huge creds amongst the team and her peaceful energy is a joy to be around. You can rely on Chloe to make amazing Instagram stories, draw on a perfect moustache and share her yogi wisdom freely.


Pringle Bay, South Africa

how we’ll work

We’re going to work with you to shine your light. We’ll brainstorm with you, help you find new ideas, and work alongside you until you’re satisfied. We’re not just here to hand over a final product, we’re here to develop your ideas to the point that they grow with your business.

If you’re starting your brand from scratch, we’ll figure out how to take your concepts and turn them into real-world content. If you’ve already established your brand, we’ll take your core values and work with you to grow your content strategy in a way that levels up your brand’s personality. We’re not your contractors, we’re your personal marketing department!

We won’t just push ads on your customers. We’ll develop a website, a brand identity, a voice, and a content strategy that draws people in, makes them fall in love with what you do, and keeps YOUR business front of mind.

we're on a mission to make marketing fun

Our mission is to help brand owners build fun and meaningful brands. We approach design with a flair of creativity and lots of personality in order to create beautiful, unique and meaningful brand personalities, giving their target audience a reason to listen and care. We believe that it is possible for you to enjoy selling and for your customer to enjoy buying.

We believe that we can build a world where marketing brands and their products can be fun for both the brand owner and the consumer. We believe in paving a new approach and doing things differently. We believe in memes + laughter, and we believe that by educating and entertaining your target audience, you can sell to them and grow your business in a fun and honest manner.

Collaboration. We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s why we take a collaborative approach to our client relationships. Next is fun, because we believe we should all enjoy what we do, how we work together, and how we promote our brands. We also believe the consumer should be able to enjoy being sold to.

client love.

let’s see if we're a fit.
tell us about you and your goals.

We work only with brands that we align with and are confident we can add value to. Our promise is that if we do work together, we will become your true partners and cheerleaders. 

We carefully review every application  and schedule a discovery call to ensure a good fit for both parties. Fill out the form to apply!